Frank Rogala produced the critically acclaimed “Won’t Anybody Listen.” Won't Anybody Listen, a feature length documentary, shot over a period of seven years, chronicles the lives of brothers Frank and Vince Rogala and the members of Orange County's perennial rock band "NC-17". 

 Humbled by the brutal realities of the record industry and the corporate business machine,  these courageous musicians are forced to balance their desire for financial success with their need for artistic redemption. A searing indictment of the record industry, Won't Anybody Listen pulls no punches as it destroys the popular myths about the music business and the Rock & Roll dream.  The film received a theatrical release by Seventh Art Releasing, it was picked up by the Sundance Channel and is currently available  exclusively from Netflix on DVD.  Financed solely from small donations the film's triumphant reception by audiences and the press helped it receive theatrical distribution and television and DVD distribution even though it disastrously opened the week after September 11th in New York City. "That rare film...
 Rousing...richly satisfying!"
      Daily Variety
Hollywood Reporter

"A Riveting
Los Angeles Times

Artwork by Peter Kuper for Won't Anybody Listen a feature length documentary by Dov Kelemer featuring NC-17
             New York 
             Daily New

"A truly
unforgettable movie ... 
A picture that
any fan of documentary will adore!"

"A sobering documentary...
an antidote to widespread fantasies about making it
 the recording industry..."

            TV Guide

"Makes for interesting viewing as a study of true-life underdogs"
       New York Post

“Be they glorious dreamers or just sadly deluded strivers, they earn our respect.” 
New York Times


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